Best Value Inspection: Statement from Cllr Sirajul Islam

“The decision to bring Best Value Inspectors back to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is deeplyconcerning. Over the past year, the Labour group have witnessed worrying parallels with thegovernance issues that plagued the borough under Lutfur Rahman in 2014. We have observed a steady decline in good governance and increasing disregard for proper scrutiny.The […]

Mayor Lutfur Rahman Breaks Council Tax Manifesto Promise

Residents of Tower Hamlets are facing severe financial strain as Mayor Lutfur Rahman backtracks on his key manifesto promise to freeze council tax. He is enacting a substantial increase, forcing households to pay an additional 4.99% annually[1], during a time of severe economic hardship. Over three years, this totals a staggering extra cost of £517.71 […]

Aspire reject Labour’s emergency motion against Tory Immigration Bill

At last week’s meeting of Tower Hamlets Full Council on Wednesday 15th March, Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party councillors voted against hearing an emergency motion against the Conservative Government’s vicious “Illegal Immigration Bill.” The motion was proposed by Tower Hamlets Labour Group in response to the emerging legislation and the potential impact it could have […]