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Labour is calling for the Mayor of Tower Hamlets to introduce an Emergency Budget to help ease the Cost of Living Crisis for local residents.

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Labour presented a motion in July’s meeting of Tower Hamlets full council which called on the Mayor to introduce an emergency budget with several proposals including:

  • £100,000 for grants to local foodbanks, who are helping families in crisis
  • £200,000 more for the council’s Residents Support Scheme which provides necessities for those in hardship and debt
  • £500,000 for those affected by Tory housing Benefit Cuts
  • £500,000 of Council Tax support Hardship Fund targeted for disabled residents and the self-employed
  • £250,000 to reduce Homecare charges for disabled residents and pensioners
  • Extend the Free School Meals scheme into the Summer Holidays

These proposals are aimed at families, those struggling with rising prices and those hit hard by Conservative Government benefit cuts.

The latest proposals from Mayor Lutfur Rahman don’t sufficiently address the needs of particular groups like the disabled, the self employed and those in receipt of housing benefit.

That is why Labour are calling for an Emergency Budget to look at a variety of options that will reach all parts of Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets council has received £1.75m of funding not anticipated for this financial year and Labour are arguing this is spent on tackling the Cost of Living Crisis.

Mayor Rahman and his Aspire Group voted against our proposals – we ask the residents to sign our petition to tell the Mayor Tower Hamlets needs more help with the Cost of Living.