The Regulator for Social Housing has recommended a merger for Tower Hamlets Community Housing with another housing association, Poplar HARCA, a move that raises several alarms for us.

We have called on the Mayor of Tower Hamlets to make representations to the RSH, urging them to fully consider the views of THCH residents before making any decisions regarding a merger. Additionally, we have urged the Mayor to instruct council officers to conduct a feasibility study on the financial and practical implications of returning THCH stock to the council, which he has not yet done.

Recognising the importance of direct communication, we have urged the Mayor to organise a public meeting with THCH residents, providing them with a platform to share your thoughts on the future of their housing association. We are pleased he has agreed to do this.

It is crucial that THCH residents’ voice is heard and considered in this process. Please let us know your thoughts below.