Statement from Cllr Sirajul Islam Leader of TH Labour Group on agreement between LBTH & Unite


“Tower Hamlets Labour welcome the deal struck between workers from Unite and the Council.

It should never have got to the point, where mountains of waste were piled high on our streets, for Lutfur Rahman to realise the value of our refuse worker’s labour.

It should never have been the case, that tax-payers money was spent on private refuse collections to break the strike action of Unite members.

Whilst strike action is coming to an end, Lutfur Rahman’s waste emergency will continue.

Serious action needs to be taken to remedy the issues that led to our workers taking strike action and residents facing months without a properly functioning service.

Our residents deserve security in the knowledge that their council can take care of the most basic services, they deserve better than Lutfur Rahman and Aspire.”